Professional Football Scouts Association (PFSA)

We are proud to partner with PFSA who are the worlds leading providers of accredited Scouting Courses to new and experienced football scouts.

The PFSA aims to liaise with all governing bodies Worldwide and professional/non-professional leagues on behalf of all member scouts promoting best practice and the raising standards. 

Seed of Speed

Founded by Mick Clegg, who pioneered strength and conditioning coaching at Manchester United Football Club. He proved the importance of holistic coaching, training elite athletes to greatness through cognitive, power, speed, strength, skill and more. Personally coaching footballing legends including Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham, Wayne Rooney, Paul Scholes and many more.

The Coaching Manual

The Coaching Manual is a unique online resource for grassroots and professional soccer coaches and players. Their video session library contains hundreds of coaching ideas in broadcast-quality video. Gain unprecedented access to one of the UK's top academies and see exactly how expert coaches develop the skills of elite footballers.


TopTekkers is the ultimate learning platform for young, aspiring soccer players. 

Suitable for players aged 5 - 14 who want to master the beautiful game, and for coaches and parents who want to help their young players to become the next footballing superstar.

Scottish FA

The Scottish FA is the governing body for football in Scotland, representing it's member clubs and affiliated regional associations. 

The Scottish FA is a member of UEFA and FIFA and holds a position on the International Football Association Board (IFAB), the body that determines the Laws of the Game.

Scribe Pro

The ScribePro app provides a secure system solution to meet all medical standards in sport.  ScribePro Team records medical interactions in real-time for football clubs. The range of injuries, diagnosis and treatments to record is vast. Data entry is quick, easy and secure, keeping speed with consultation. It’s advanced reporting and diagnosis system allows the national association/club’s medical team to immediately treat and monitor every player on each part of the  treatment and recovery process.

Youth Sport Nutrition

Youth Sport Nutrition (YSN) is a digital sports consultancy, providing an online educational pathway to help support your sport programme. They deliver nutrition workshops, tailored to the unique needs of your team, level and sport. 

Football 4 Football

The leading digital resource - football4football features more of football’s top players, coaches & experts than anyone else in exclusive videos as they share their knowledge, methods & advice on all areas of the game. 


SonoSkills offers high-quality musculoskeletal ultrasound education for primary and secondary healthcare professionals through hands-on courses, online courses and live webinars. 

Sky Life Establishment

A non-profit educational  and community service organisation for Physiotherapists in the Middle East.

Fizik Center

We are proud to partner with Fizik center who specialise in improving the health and functional abilities of people with sports injuries, chronic pains, bad posture issues, spinal cord injuries, and diabetic patients with foot disorders. Fizik rehabilitation center is dedicated to advancing awareness of effective physical medicine and rehabilitation therapies. 

Sports ER

Sports ER is a UK registered Private Limited Company that provides sport-specific, ‘fit for purpose’ education and training in pre-hospital care, and consultancy on risk assessment and medical emergency action planning related to the sports environment.


The purpose of the North of England Football Academy (NEFA) is to provide the very best football education programme for players; to give them the very best opportunity to improve, develop and stay in the game we all love, for as long as possible. Thanks to NEFA's unique educational partners this can all be achieved whilst players continue with the education at BTEC, Undergraduate or Postgraduate level. Visit for more information. 

VX Sport

Since 2009 VX Sport has provided wearable technology and data analytics for realtime tracking of athletes, to help coaches optimise performance, plan training and reduce the risk of player injury.

VX Sport is the global leader in realtime technology for GPS based athlete monitoring and is still the only company to offer live broadcast-quality data globally.  VX Sport products are sold to pro, Olympic and club teams in over 30 countries.  Our products are FIFA and World Rugby approved.

Science in Sport

Science in Sport plc is a leading sports nutrition business that develops, manufactures and markets innovative nutrition products for professional athletes, sports and fitness enthusiasts and the gym lifestyle community. 

SiS, founded in 1992, has a core range comprising gels, powders and bars focused on energy, hydration and endurance. SiS supplies more than 80 professional football clubs in the UK.